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See Inside Homes

Now you can see photos of McCormick Ranch homes AFTER they’ve sold. You do NOT get that on Zillow!

Your home may be worth a lot more than another home that recently sold, if your home has a better kitchen, baths, or other upgrades. But you won’t know that, if you can’t see photos of the home.

Now you can.

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It looks like the Veritas condominium saga is coming to end

Right behind the McCormick Ranch LA Fitness are the Veritas condos. The buildings were completed in 2008, they went into foreclosure, blah, blah, blah and now, finally, 7 years later it’s almost sold out with only the models left to sell.

In a recent post on Arizona Real Estate Notebook I mentioned that timing is more important than location in real estate and nothing says that better than the story of Veritas. If the project had been completed 2 or 3 years earlier, the original developers would have been golden, instead they lost all the time and money they put into the project.

It’s been years since I’ve been inside a unit. They were very well done but I was turned off by all the stairs. I’m a Phoenix boy and not used to so many stairs. At Veritas, you have to go up a flight of stairs to get to the living area – parking is on the ground level – and another flight of stairs to get to the bedrooms.

Here’s a previous post of mine from 2011 on Veritas.

The last units at Veritas are currently (Oct 2015) listed in the MLS at $550K (744 SF) and $580K (1,050 SF).

Baby boom in McCormick Ranch!

Oh my gosh!

Just got back from walking Abby in the park and met yet another new mom with a 2-month old! That makes 4+.

First, there’s my friends Kristin and Amir (dog = Marley) with a super cute 7-week old girl who slept through the night the first night home! Don’t hate them. 🙂

There’s Beth and Nick (dog = Lucy) with a 2-month old girl I haven’t met yet.

Last week, there was a man and woman I hadn’t seen before in the park with a 2-month old in a stroller (no dog).

Last Sunday, I met a woman and man with two dogs in the park and she was 9-months pregnant. I had seen them and their dogs in the park before but never talked to them before. Her due date was last Friday so she was past due.

And just now, I met a woman with a darling 2-month old girl in a stroller in the park and her older son who loves my dog, Abby.


There’s going to be one heck of a neighborhood play group.

And that tot lot in Comanche Park is going to get a LOT more use soon!

I love this neighborhood!

Aquarium planned near the Pavilions in Scottsdale

Phoenix Business Journal.

The group behind the Butterfly Wonderland near Scottsdale plans to break ground this summer on a new large-scale aquarium project that’s being dubbed as “Sea World meets Disneyland.”

Construction on OdySea Aquarium is slated to begin this summer off Loop 101 and Via de Ventura Drive on tribal land next door to the Butterfly Wonderland attraction that opened last year. The 200,000-square-foot aquarium will include 2 million gallons of water for its numerous exhibits and myriad species.

McCormick Ranch Bars on Bikes

Chris, one of the dog lovers from the park, put together the “McCormick Ranch Bars on Bikes.” The weather was great! I caught up with the kids at Downside Risk. I didn’t know half the people there so it was a lot of fun meeting new folks as well as talking with my old friends. It was a blast!


The route included;
Wally’s Pub
Downside Risk
The Vig
Zips Sports Grill


This website gets a makeover

I did a really cool remodel to this website just last summer. (Well, I thought it was really cool, anyway. 🙂 )

However… the website wasn’t getting a lot of visitors and no comments at all so I decided to take a step back and return towards a more traditional style website and traditional commenting. I hope you like it!

• Still includes chart of home price trends
• Still includes maps of all subdivisions
• Cleaner design
• Easier navigation
• Easier commenting
• Cool photo on homepage

Please comment on posts!

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been experimenting with different styles of video posts.

I would greatly appreciate your opinion on what you like and what you don’t.