Baby boom in McCormick Ranch!

Oh my gosh!

Just got back from walking Abby in the park and met yet another new mom with a 2-month old! That makes 4+.

First, there’s my friends Kristin and Amir (dog = Marley) with a super cute 7-week old girl who slept through the night the first night home! Don’t hate them. 🙂

There’s Beth and Nick (dog = Lucy) with a 2-month old girl I haven’t met yet.

Last week, there was a man and woman I hadn’t seen before in the park with a 2-month old in a stroller (no dog).

Last Sunday, I met a woman and man with two dogs in the park and she was 9-months pregnant. I had seen them and their dogs in the park before but never talked to them before. Her due date was last Friday so she was past due.

And just now, I met a woman with a darling 2-month old girl in a stroller in the park and her older son who loves my dog, Abby.


There’s going to be one heck of a neighborhood play group.

And that tot lot in Comanche Park is going to get a LOT more use soon!

I love this neighborhood!

Beautiful day in McCormick Ranch

This path along Lake Marguerite is one of my favorite spots in Scottsdale.  It’s a glorious Sunday in October and the families are out in force on their bikes and walking along the path.  I’ve also seen a couple of strollers so far and a few joggers.

I was just going to shoot a few photos and move on.  Now I think I’ll sit here for awhile and take in the day.  Lovely slight little breeze.  It’s a nice little moment sitting here on the grass.

That’s Camelback Mountain in the background.

(Click on photo to see larger version.)

John Wake

Beautiful walk along the paths of McCormick Ranch

A sweatshirt was plenty warm. Peppy and I walked to Walgreens on the grass-lined paths of McCormick Ranch.

Tons of people were taking advantage of the afternoon. A family with adults and littles ones was playing basketball on the court in Comanche Park.

We passed several groups of people along the path, including;

  • An older couple chatting while they slowly walked their little inquisitive dog.
  • A young couple who stopped to kiss.
  • A family with two little ones learning how to ride their tiny bikes down the hill in Shoshone Park.
  • Two beautiful high school age girlfriends sharing secrets and smiling as Peppy walks by.
  • A couple playing frisbee with their two Corgis.
  • An elementary school girl carrying two big red high top tennis shoes that she refuses to give to the older boy in front in socks on a skateboard while a younger boy tags along.

Comanche Park a “Secret Park” in McCormick Ranch

I bought a new video camera and new video editing software and here’s my first cut.

I hope you’ll find it useful for getting a feel for living in McCormick Ranch. And if you already live here, to learn about a “secret park” with tennis courts you may not have known about.

Comanche Park

Directions: From Hayden Road and McCormick Ranch Parkway, go east on McCormick Ranch Parkway 25 yards to the end and turn left on N. Via Paseo del Norte. Follow N. Via Paseo del Norte until you see the sign on the left for Comanche Park and turn left into small parking area by the tennis courts.

Lake Margherite cottonwoods leafing out


On Via de Ventura just west of Hayden Rd, you catch a glimpse to the north of little Lake Margherite. Here you see the cottonwoods leafing out. Behind the cottonwoods and in front of the Lakeside Villas condos is a delightful little path, a treasure.

The last 2 listings sold in the Lakeside Villas sold in the $280,000’s for 1046 square feet. Neither were lakefront units. On the other side of the lake 2 single family homes sold in 2006 for $1.22 million and $1.45 million.